Case Study: Help your LMS support a non-standard integration.

Assemble courses and launch from your LMS.

Industry & Use Cases

The Challenge

Summary – Design a better experience to assemble LTI courses, Survey links, and course resources in one cohesive experience- launched from the LMS.

Kognito, a leading publisher of emotional and mental health simulation courses, commissioned Authentic to design a way to launch its simulations from the newly implemented LMS.  The challenge: courses were in LTI format, the LMS didn’t support this standard, and to further the challenge:  we needed to bundle pre and post Surveys delivered by SurveyMonkey not the LMS, and also include Kognito-client-specific files/resources to tailor each course for each subscribing client.

Additional Details

  • Kognito is a leading provider of animated simulations for emotional and mental health
  • It required one launchable course- that bundles surveys, LTI-format simulations, and course resources.


Authentic leveraged its Simpatico learning engine to “assemble”  all learning material into one intuitive course menu, launchable in a standard format the LMS did support (SCORM and AICC).

Authentic’s Simpatico engine handled all the interchanges to launch pre/post surveys from Survey Monkey and securely passing course information to the survey engine- while also bundling course supplementary files allowing the publisher to tailor each licensed client’s version of the course. 

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