You might NOT need an LMS, just better, simpler technology.

Authentic builds complementary technologies to make your learning run better:

A portfolio of tools and services that can launch from your LMS or serve in place of one.

Authentic platforms and services

Shuttle Video

Build beautiful, interactive video courses using your existing video clips and webinar archives. Develop a rich course experience with quizzing, inline interactions, and transcript within minutes.

Simpatico Templates

Modern, pre-designed templates to simply “drop in” your learning assets to create a modern course experience. Templates offer rich features- saving time- and come optimized for accessibility and international language support.

LaunchPad Hosting and API

Global Scalable delivery: take your courses built in Shuttle and Simpatico, and deliver them to learners all around the world. LaunchPad is optimized to handle high load and global traffic.

Songbird Learning Analytics

Visualizations and analytics that report on key performance metrics in elearning. Simple to understand and to gain quick insights- visualized charts provide growing programs a key tool to measure success and learning impact.

Course Watch

Automations that track and report back to you on specific courses or program activity without the need to manually run reports. 

Custom Design Services

Skilled teams of course multimedia designers, developing in Authentic tools, and select popular authoring tools.


Too much elearning gets deployed with low satisfaction scores, high abandonment rates, and no clear ways of measurement of impact.

build course authentic labs wp engine

Problem: It takes too long to build a good course.

Solution: using Shuttle, create engaging courses within minutes, not months.

No advanced training needed to create a great course in a wizard-like process.

insights from learning authentic learning labs

Problem: Need better data and insights from learning.

Solution: Get clear visual charts and reports in Songbird Analytics.

Pre-built templates clearly chart learner performance without the typical costs and effort tied to Business visualization tools.

LMS authentic learning labs

Problem: I just need to launch one program – do i really need an LMS?

Solution: Assemble and launch on a global platform built for scalability.

Keep costs down, without sacrificing capabilities, launch a critical program on Authentic, delivering to any audience in the world.

LMS works authentic learning labs

Problem: My LMS works, but it’s too rigid: I need a better course experience.

Solution: Authentic platforms can directly launch from your LMS – no programming needed.

Leverage your existing investments and deploy quickly, while still meeting goals for an engaging experience.

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