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Category: Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools

Entry Title: Songbird – AI-Powered Learning Analytics Suite

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Entry Title: Shuttle – AI-Powered Video Engine for Learning

Category: Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

Entry Title: Simpatico – Modern Learning template experiences and API

About Us

We seek impact in our work, not just profit

Authentic is a specialist agency – a global team of people who love education tech.

We are

People who believe in the power of technology to deliver transformative learning experiences.

We are strategists, designers, developers, technologists, and constant-learners.

We’re the SWAT team to quickly come in and help supplement your team – with technology, process, and people power.

We have worked in projects of all sizes – yet all have common needs to design and develop better learning – in products or programs.

We believe

That learning and development will continue to rise in prominence and exposure.

And higher exposure requires more EXPERTISE and the right use of technology and methodologies, yet the industry suffers from a lack of seasoned, strategic leadership.

We can help: Authentic brings an elite level of technology and specialized services to assist in the launch of high profile L&D and publisher programs.

We partner with clients in the design, implementation and delivery using our technology- and integrating your learning platforms- into a seamless ecosystem.

Our values

  1. Maintain ethical and professional standards
    We will present the best solutions, for the client need – and use commonly accepted standards of interoperability and quality.
  2. Serve as Craftsmen
    We love our work and will always try to build products to have sustaining impact and success.
  3. Build solid, engaging, and effective technology
    We will design great looking products that engage learners, perform well, and are easy-to-use.
  4. Do not create artificial entanglements
    We will not lock you into software-imposed formats: you will own your data and your content.
  5. Serve the customer
    While we have our preferences and recommendations on technology- and we build our own- we will remain honest craftsmen, true to a code of ethics to do what is right for the client.

Authentic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with any LMS?

Yes, our content engines launch from any standards-compliant LMS (SCORM, LTI, AICC)

Do you have APIs?

Yes, you can use existing APIs to launch our engines to seamlessly integrate with your platforms.

What's the implementation process?

Our course players simply launch from any LMS using SCORM, AICC, or LTI standards. Our advanced reporting suite will require time to map data sources – this work can be done within a month.

Can you help us migrate courses?

Yes, we have a global team of media experts who are comfortable with major authoring tools. We can assist in conversion into our own engines, plus into major tools like Articulate and Captivate.

Do you track xAPI data?

Yes, our video player triggers and tracks xAPI events with each video session.

What is your pricing model?

Audience-based pricing based on active number of participants using the platforms.

Can I use your platform without an LMS?

Yes! Some programs just require a launch from a web portal or other non-LMS experience. This is made possible with a few configuration options.

Do you have an LRS?

Yes, our Songbird Analytics suite has a built-in Learning Record Store to hold xAPI data.

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