Case Study: Deliver a better assessment report – globally.

More Intuitive Exam Reporting for Worldwide Audience

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The Challenge

Summary – Securely deliver a more intuitive exam score report to a worldwide audience.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery (AAOS) challenged Authentic Labs to deliver a more intuitive reporting format to the examinees and program directors of an exam delivered worldwide to all surgeons in training. The original report was over 100 pages in length.

Additional Details

  • Yearly exam given to Orothpaedic surgery residents around the world. 
  • Program directors who oversee the residents receive consolidated reporting that benchmarks their residents who they oversee against all other global participants. 
  • Residents are the examinees who take the exam each year, as an indicator of their learning and preparedness as they complete their training. 
  • The legacy solution was a spreadsheet-like format, hundred of pages in length for each recipient.


Authentic collaborated with AAOS stakeholders to develop a new, consolidated report view under 10 pages in length and optimized to indicate key insights from the data- not just presenting the information.

Then, working directly with the psychometricians the reporting data was imported into the visualizations designed for online and print delivery.

Secure files were generated for each report AND each report was also presented on a secure web portal as visualizations.

For program directors they can now quickly see comparative benchmarking, with visual indicators designed to quickly indicate strengths, weaknesses, and trends.

For examinee residents, they can in one page see how they performed in each topic area and how they rated in comparison to peers at the same level of experience in any participating program in the world.

Annually the AAOS can now leverage the aggregate trending data from the collected reports.

This solution took advantage of Songbird Learning Analytics suite and our services team to design and deploy the solution.


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