Case Study: Deliver one course to a multi-lingual audience.

Multi-language solutions leveraging Simpatico LXP

Allow participants to select their language.

Industry & Use Cases

The Challenge

Summary – Seamlessly present alternative language options for a course, allow participants to select the option best suited to their preferences.

Present one course to participants but as each learner launches a course for the first time, offer the option to see the course in their language of choice.

Additional Details

  • A large multinational organization offers courses to companies around the world. The audiences are mixed, and therefore popular courses are needed in multiple languages.

  • For a clean user experience and operational efficiency, the goal was to provide one single entry point for all audience members, yet give the chance to each participant to select their language choice from the list of options.


Authentic’s Simpatico Learning Delivery Engine was configured to map to each language option for each course title.

Learner language preference is configured to be exchanged behind the scenes when learner logins (thru SSO handshake) and also if no language information is provided thru the SSO, the learner is presented with the language options.

Simpatico Learning Delivery Engine organizes each language variation of the same title, consolidating into one link for the LMS to launch, seamlessly organizing the language options behind the scenes.

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