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Build and Assemble  | with interactive video-based course builder and pre-built learning templates

shuttle video authentic learning labs

Shuttle Video

Make interactive, engaging courses out of your captured videos – from webinar recordings to training sessions, In minutes, Shuttle can assemble engaging features to make your video an impactful education experience.

A full suite to build

A full authoring studio to import, configure, and set learning features to any video recording.

Shuttle helps make video more than just a visual experience, with quizzing, interactivity, and key features to help increase retention and capture learner engagement.

Make Videos that engage

In minutes not weeks or months, convert a standard video into an impactful course with:

  • Interactive transcript
  • Quizzing
  • Engagement popups
  • Bookmarks
  • Built-in accessibility
  • xAPI and rich analytics
  • Completion settings

Solve L&D challenges - faster

  • Build compliance courses with viewing time requirements
  • Easily publish on-demand CE/CLE/CME courses
  • Re-purpose webinar archives to a larger audience
  • Author topical training issues that require quick publishing


simpatico authentic learning labs


Simpatico offers a series of templates to use in specific learning and training needs.

Instead of custom programming, using Simpatico, you can “drop in” course and learning assets into a beautiful template that takes care of presenting your content.

“Drop in” functionality to allow you to insert multimedia, SCORM, links, and documents into one learning experience- without the need for advanced programming or the typical skills need to author in major tools.

No programming skills required

Templates to present content in various presentation styles free you from the standard book-turning methodology typical to many learning courses.

Templates present engaging layouts while also offering search, filtering, and navigational guides.

Modern design for learning

  • Present in “gallery”-type models like popular consumer websites
  • Display multiple types of learning formats on one page.
  • Support for international languages and accessibility requirements
  • Track rich activity data and set required/optional learning items

Launch from your LMS

  • Track activity for reporting
  • Completion settings for grading
  • Multiple layout options
  • Dynamic search
  • Required/Optional content settings

Deploy | Scalable solution to host and deploy your critical programs to a global audience

launchpad hosting engine authentic labs wp engine

LaunchPad Hosting Engine and API

To deliver high profile education and training, standard training LMS systems may not be enough to deliver to larger populations or those spread  around the world.

Organizations seeking to deploy a critical program to the masses need to feel comfortable with the scalability and performance of the engines behind the learning program. LaunchPad provides this as a service on-demand thru a global infrastructure configured to launch critical learning – whether it’s one course or an entire program.

No Nonsense Hosting

LaunchPad offers a global, redundant cloud service to host your key content when you need to deliver critical learning programs and can’t afford to have service issues.

LaunchPad can also be a solution when you just need to launch just one key course or program- without the complexity of a full-blown LMS.

Designed to Scale

  • Tested for 100k’s of users
  • Global infrastructure
  • On-demand without lengthy implementations of an LMS
  • Scale with your learning business
  • Simple steps to configure and launch

Bye to Long Implementations

  • Service OnDemand
  • Great for a key course launch that needs the muscle behind the scenes to handle traffic
  • Support international users, wherever they are
  • Get rich data reports, as if you had a full LMS solution

Report and Track | Dedicated visualizations reporting suite and push notifications

manifest learning analytics authentic labs wp engine

Songbird Learning Analytics

We built Songbird to address a problem we see with many L&D and training programs:  most don’t operate with enough strategic insights on the impact of learning.

Groups we meet with are constantly struggling to get reliable, consistent reporting from their learning efforts- despite the significant investments made in both learning tech and reporting and BI tools.

Songbird equips L&D with a dedicated, advanced reporting suite – without the need for programming or advanced software solutions. It just works, with a growing suite of pre-formatted reports- visualizations that help pull up and away from the typical  “data dumps” to which most companies are accustomed.

The visuals reports you seek

    • Songbird connects with your LMS data to pull in key performance metrics and charts them on various reports that are created with a focus on learning and impact.
    • There are no needs for advanced queries, IT help, or expensive BI software.
    • Reports just work, and provide clear visuals – not just rows and rows of data.

Visualizations not Data Dumps

  • Standardized reports cover key learning activities and metrics
  • Beautiful, clear charts with filters and methods to refine queries
  • Artificial-Intelligence-powered to track key factors and alerts
  • Various output formats to save reports in Excel, CSV, PDF
  • Open access API- each report available via JSON

Quick Insights within seconds

    • Executive views for quick insights on impact
    • Deep analyses on tests, evaluations and learning impact
    • Build-in psychometrics and AI-driven sentiment analysis on open text
    • Track data from complementary platforms in your L&D ecosystem: CRM, Web Analytics, ERP/HRIS, video hosting, and webinar platforms
CourseWatch Push Notifications authentic learning labs

CourseWatch Push Notifications

Pushed Notifications for busy L&D professionals that oversee growing programs.

Course Watch is a reporting system that configure client-tailored messaging via alerts to your inbox.  Reports provide quick summaries of key activity over time segments so that those audience members who may not need full reporting access, still can receive key updates and performance details.

Reports Pushed to You

      • CourseWatch alerts are automated event updates that send summaries of key metrics.
      • Scheduled messaging sent to your teams and stakeholders alleviate you from running reports.

Leading Performance Indicators

    • Send leading indicator messaging to key stakeholders.
    • Updates on course completions, progress, incompletes, and catalog use.
    • Trending alerts span time frames to identify patterns in performance.

Automate sharing to stakeholders

    • Teams and stakeholders remain well-informed of L&D programs.
    • Set a timely email to automate your reporting to staff.
    • Build awareness on the impact of the program.